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This is a game afterall, which should, by definition, intend to be fun, so just leave the fun in, and add the title farming every so often.

This would take out the need of charming an animal a step that had been left out for pvp characters along with the choice of the pet. The idea of a character who simply disregards rules she dislikes is potentially interesting, but Scarlet ditches her people without a backward glance, and after making a few brief stops to learn from other races, she gets tied up in the Asuran storyline.

Fortunately, there's a fair bit more going on than just your standard events. Girls with nice asses nude. And if everyone is into that kind of stuff, then it's probably not a big deal, right?

So, switching primary would be, of course, designed by devs with that in mind. So far only the assassin has a wide variety of animations for his attacks, they are all different, which is very nice and the same should be applied to other classes.

Allowing players to make, build, enchant or invoke something. Gw2 nude mod. This is like making a law saying that it's illegal for me to underline passages and write in the margins of a book. I pulled and first rank survivor in about 6 hours in factions.

So does that mean people below level 15 are automatically at a disadvantage for not having helm, gloves and shoulders? A little research and less sloth would be more productive here.

Gw2 nude mod

Give the ability to get a bag that is the same size as the backpack. What did you say? Guild Wars is almost a strategy game, in that level 20 is so easy and quickly reached it's basically a prolonged tutorial. Of course the battle would include Seige weapons and general cool efects to make the match more interesting and strategic and AFKers would be delt with by a timer system and having their accumulated rewards from that session taken from them.

Now I know there has been a lot of talk about "flying" and I'm pretty sure that would be out of the question but I think short periods of levitation would work quite well. Drunk and naked videos. This is a must, for those who format their computer or those who are new to the game. Everyone wants it, and we all want to know how a chest plate can take up the same space as a steel key. How cool would it be to see your own unique designs gain a reputation and flourish in the game world?

I come from Ragnarok. I want for GWW ingame talking. I got this idea reading a post about how the armour in GW2 should age taking on nicks, cuts, scratches and dents. I'm not too direly worried about the pet system [although a stable of some sort that lets you house multiple pets or the concept of pet armor would be amazing], but I really, really want to see a red panda [also known as a lesser panda] as a charmable pet. Not sure how to sign, but Go Go Team Olav.

Also I like the idea of having more than one pet out at a time and to balance it, the more pets you have out the weaker they are that way you don't have to worry about getting some over powered ranger. Alright, why don't we just throw in the entire Oblivion character creation process? That species like charr might have to get a more fierce-some wolf to support their weight, as I personally plan on becoming a Charr ranger-character when GW2 comes out.

Despite being a canon character, Scarlet seems to suffer from this. The idea of a home has almost already been adressed in GW1.

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The real idea is not to have players playing for longer period, it's to have tehm playing more often as they can just jump in, get paid for ighting and jump out. Big sexy tits photos. The only foreseeable pronlem with this would be the skill bar animations, but you could always choose character actions and animations from a pre-determined list.

Um, skill chaining exists in current guild wars, just saying because it doesn't seem like you've noticed FFXI has it, but who cares? Here it is shoulders, chest, gloves, pantstaking advantage of the Charred dye contrasting textures on the stripes. Although relatively few people want to have to do quests again and missions agin with different characters, sometimes it is necessary to become a better player of the game.

So, why so many people get so angry about it? Or just I simply couldn't hang my weapons and armors on monuments to free my storage space from them?

The map is large about the same size as an explorable area and battles last a month. It's why they have so much trouble adding new armor sets, especially for the beast races in the game. GW2 could be exctly the same as GW1 if new ideas are not cosidered.

Hard to compare mods with this though. Gw2 nude mod. I love the colours you picked on that, what are they if you don't mind me asking? This is probably a case of a racial armor not having it's race limitation applied. It really makes me laugh. So it's not just us perverted gamers, who drool over these soft, bouncy pillows of flesh. The general idea I have in mind when writing this is to give players ways to quickly get an idea of how other players will act, what they are like, etc.

The chest would of course be located somewhere in the guild hall. Rebecca love lesbian videos. Something that is illegal can be refering to a law or as simple as something as a breach of the game rules. After you get through the cool factor of exploring or re-exploring the zone, you'll get a feel for where events spawn and what's needed to complete them. They keep joining up despite none of her plans to this point succeeding to any great degree; in fact, it's looking more and more as though she's just collecting what she needs from each encounter and then deliberately leaving a mess for both the heroes and her supposed allies to clean up.

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As well as a storage slots of items that the guild has donated and is up for sale that members can purchase and the funds to go to the guild.

It would be a nice change if you could make them slimmer or add a little more, kinda buggy how elementalists have a slim fit body I would want on my warrior because I don't like being too buffy. This allows other people to see your:. Am I violating Oblivion in horrible ways when I install mods on it? And since Skyrim is about dragons, you can be sure as fuck that somebody will add a massive dragon penis mod.

Bloodaxes Member Rare Posts: IDK this may be a very bad idea but what if they made minipets like equipable and give u a buff kind of thing so kindof like rings or neclaces i guess but easier to show off probably a bad idea.

By shashouDecember 26, in Adult Gaming. You could do that with ranger pets and put them in a bed too??

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